General DentistryExtracted Tooth

There is a wide range of dental options. One of which is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is when a tooth is removed from the socket – the dental alveolus. This is primarily performed by an oral surgeon. However, general dentists and periodontists do carry out the tooth extraction procedure as this is part of their core skill set. 


Hamilton Riverside Dentistry is highly skilled at helping you manage your oral health, tooth extractions and general family dentistry. In most cases, it is preferred and more beneficial for you to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. However, we have a range of options for those occasions it is not possible. 


Our dentists will thoroughly check your gums, mouth and teeth before considering extraction. In some cases, it is better to preserve the teeth. We understand the trepidation that comes with having a tooth extracted, so it is better to understand under what circumstances you would need to have an extraction done. 


Tooth Damage Due To Decay

It is often the case that a tooth will need to be removed because it has severe decay. The decay can reach the pulp and in many instances causes multiple infections and a lot of pain. A root canal procedure is often the most recommended path of care for this; however, if the infection is too severe, it might be better for the tooth to be removed. A root canal preserves much of your natural tooth. 


Periodontal Disease

An infection in the gum and the bone surrounding the teeth can be a reason to remove the tooth. However, it will depend on what stage the disease is at. Often it is possible to clean the tooth above and below the gum line and preserve the tooth. 


Periodontal disease will often mean that there is a loosening of the teeth, and at this point, tooth extraction is the best course of action. 



In some cases, the upper or lower jaw isn’t big enough to accommodate the teeth. If the patient needs to undergo some orthodontic treatment, there may be no room for the teeth to be realigned. 


If it is the case that your teeth can be realigned without removal, that will be the course of action taken – with braces and/or jaw widening. 


Impacted Teeth

Tooth impaction is when a tooth is blocked from coming out, or when it does not fully erupt. Most often, this will be that case for wisdom teeth. It might be recommended that the extraction happens to prevent the impacted tooth from damaging other teeth. And to lower the risk of infection. Where possible, all teeth will be kept. 


There are a number of treatment options for your teeth, and in many situations, your dentist will take the course of action that preserves your natural tooth. The goal for any dentist is to make sure that you are happy with the treatment and that you keep as many of your existing teeth as possible. 


Here at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry, we are experts in making sure that our patients get the highest quality care for your natural smile.